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    Fort Polk, LA - Chaplain


    Building 427 - Radio Road - (337) 531-2590/2822/7855

    The Main Post Chapel is the oldest permanent structure on Fort Polk. Conveniently located on the corner of Entrance Road and Radio Road across from the Warrior Hills Golf Course. The Main Post Chapel is a multi-purpose building used for worship services, religious education, family services and military community events. The chapel is open seven days a week. Volunteers are a big part of the overall religious support and its success. For more information about Main Post Chapel activities call (337) 531-2590/2822/7855.

    Catholic Mass is held on Sunday morning at 0900. CCD begins at 1030 and runs from September thru May.

    Protestant Service is held on Sunday morning at 1100. It is a Contemporary worship service.

    Glory CHAPEL

    Building 1168 - Glory Loop off Mississippi Ave. - (337) 531-2590/2822

    Glory Chapel is the home of 4-10 Infantry Brigade. It is located on Mississippi Avenue next door to the Cantrell Gym. Sunday worship services are as follows: Protestant Liturgical service is at 0900, Gospel service at 1030, and the Pentecostal service at 1330. For more information call (337) 531-2590/2822.

    Airborne CHAPEL
    Building 1516 - Mississippi Ave (Across from the Stars & Strikes Bowling Alley)

    (337) 531-2590/2822

    Bayne-Jones Hospital CHAPEL

    Building 285, 3rd Street - 6th Floor - Room 6120 - (337) 531-3727/28

    Location: The hospital chapel and office suite is located on the sixth floor of the hospital. The chapel is open 24/7.

    Hours: Regular office hours Monday through Friday. The Fort Polk Duty Chaplain can be reached after office hours and on weekends through the FOD (337) 531-1725/1726.
    Phone: (337) 531-3727/3728

    Mission: The Unit Ministry Team (Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant) provides religious services and support as well as pastoral care to the patients, soldiers, and staff of USAMEDDAC, Fort Polk, LA.

    Religious Services: POC to access other religious services available at Fort Polk can be found by calling Main Post Chapel (337) 531-2590/2006/7855.

    Soldier's Chapel

    Bldg 2439
    The "Youth of the Chapel", (grades 7-12), meet Sundays at 1359 and Wednesdays at 1729 in Soldier's Chapel, Bldg 2439. Parents are encouraged to attend with their youth. This group is made up of all faith groups. For more information call (337) 353-7816.